Has Tuulilasi ever investigated why car dealers overcharge on motor oil although they are benefiting from wholesale prices? Why is this accepted by many motorists?

For example my Subaru Forester diesel (2010) was filled with 6l of Mobil 1 ESP Formula for ca. 160 EUR worth of oil at Metro Auto, Viiki. Buying the same oil at Motonet cost ca. EUR 80!

What do you advise consumers as alternative service solutions?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Tapio Ketonen:

That is one of the ways for the dealers to make more money. They rely on the lazyness of the motorists, most people are not paying any attention on this kind of minor matters.

Of course, when making the service time reservation, you can tell that you bring your own oil with you. If the oil quality complies with the car manufacturer´s recommendations, there is no problem with the warranty.


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